Sugo Cork Rugs

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Sustainable use of resources

Sugo Cork Rugs

Bespoke Rugs

Hand-woven with cork

Sugo Cork Rugs

Feel Your Feet

Handcrafted in Portugal to the World

Material Design & Applications


Sugo Cork Rugs collection presents an aesthetic versatility that suits any interior space. Contemporary or classic rugs are created in multiple combinations of weaves, colors and materials.
The cork fabric was specifically designed to be used in weaving, which led to a patent application, and benefits from the special properties of cork, thus ensuring maximum comfort.Be inspired and let us create your rug.


The rug creation process is developed in accordance with high quality parameters, both by the raw materials used and by the artisans, where each detail is crafted with the utmost care.

Choose between our 4 material combinations…


The hems from our rugs are 100% natural colour linen as well as its weave. They can, however, be produced in the same material and colour as the rug, if requested, with a sewn hem or with fine fringes (approximately 5 cm length).


Patchwork 6



Patchwork 7




Vertical Stripes

Weaving Patterns and Color Combinations

One Color | One Pattern

One Color | Several Patterns

Several Colors | One Pattern

Several Colors | Several Patterns

Delivery time

From 2 to 12 weeks, depending on quantities, rug dimensions and required materials.


We produce with widths under 350 cm. For widths from 200 to 350 cm, prices and delivery times are subject to consultation.

Cleaning Specifications

Vacuum your rug regularly. In case of stains, immediately remove the liquid with a kitchen paper or a clean white cloth. For the solid stains, please scratch carefully with the tip of a knife or spoon. Prolonged exposure to the sun can change the color of your rug so avoid to submit it to bright light and rotate it regularly. We recommend dryclean your rug at a specialized service.